Senior Benefits

The website to conduct business with & get information from the government…all in one place! There are links listed which connect to just about every federal government agency. You can find nursing homes and see the nursing home records (whether they have been in compliance), Medicare, Medicaid, food assistance, compare different Medicare plans, Veterans Health Administration, National Women’s Health Resource Center and many, many more links. They also include links to government information and services, organized around broad categories (which are shown on the left side of most pages). You can get information on: Benefits (both cash and medical), Health and Nutrition, Consumer Protection, Services (a hodgepodge, including the Postal Service, housing, transportation, etc), Employment and Volunteer Activities, Taxes, Travel and Leisure, Education and Training, Other Links.

This site offers resources about aging and elder care, ranging from support with daily living, financial and legal information as well as community support.

This entity is responsible for helping assess seniors who are in their homes. They then assist in finding the resources needed to stay at home. 1-402-444-6444

Health and Human Services
This entity is responsible for determining eligibility for Medicaid benefits. They are also responsible for managing benefits once you have been approved. 1-800-685-5456

This entity is responsible for helping to answer questions on current Medicare coverage, benefits and claims. 1-800-633-4227

Nebraska Department of Insurance
This entity is responsible for regulating all insurance companies and agents, making sure they adhere to state and federal laws. 1-877-564-7323

Nebraska Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)
This entity is grant funded to help Medicare beneficiaries understand their benefits and rights under Medicare. Contact SHIIP for any general Medicare information. 1-800-234-7119

Social Security Administration
This entity is responsible for administering Social Security retirement benefits as well as determining eligibility and enrollment in the Medicare program. 1-866-716-8299

Outline of services covered by the Medicaid program. Describes services provided by nursing homes and hospices; rehabilitation; personal care; occupational and physical therapy, and speech, hearing, or language disorder therapy; treatment for individuals with mental diseases; targeted case management; home and community-based care; and home health care. Discusses coverage considerations.

DISABILITY SECRETS (of Social Security and benefits)
Applying for social security disability and SSI benefits can be difficult due to how long a claim may take and the high chance of being denied. But those who are denied disability can win benefits by utilizing the appeals process. To increase the chances of winning, applicants should learn about the system and file an appeal when a claim is denied. This is the place to learn the secrets of the system from those who know it inside and out!

Medicare’s own information center for those needing information on all the services provided by Medicare.

The Social Security and Disability Resource Center website provides a detailed overview of how the federal disability system works (social security disability and SSI) and also provides answers to many questions that applicants typically have, but often have trouble finding answers to. For the most part, the site is based on the author’s personal experience as a former disability-medicaid caseworker, and also as a former disability examiner for the social security administration. Hopefully, the information will be helpful to some of your site’s visitors.

You can find the Office for the Aging for your State from this site, plus much, much more! Information on Medicare, managed care, Medigap insurance, long-term care insurance, long-term care facilities, reports on health care fraud prevention programs of the U.S.A. Click on the link to “State Agencies on Aging” at this site to find your State’s Office on Aging.


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