Omaha Senior Centers

The Senior Community Centers Located in the Omaha Metro are listed below.  When you click on a link it will take you to that community center page.  On the page you will find a schedule of activities for adults and children of all ages.  Some of those activities include bingo, card games, yoga, swim aerobics, dance classes, crafts, outings and much more all located in the Omaha Metro Area.

A.V. Sorensen Community Center 4808 Cass Street        402-444-5596

Adams Park Community Center   3230 John Creighton Blvd  402-444-5164

Benson Community Center       6008 Maple St     402-444-5184

Florence Community Center  2920 Bondesson St     402-444-5216

Sherman Community Center  5701 N 16th St       402-444-5673

Hummel Park  Nature Center   3033 Hummel Park Rd        402-444-4760

Camelot Friendship Center         9270 Cady Avenue                (402) 444-3091

Common Ground              1701 Veterans Drive           402-289-0451

Saddlebrook Community Center      14850 Laurel Ave      402-932-1080

Christie Heights Community Center                 5105 S 37th St              402-444-5081

Columbus Park Community Center                  1515 S. 24th St             402-444-4111

Pipal Park Community Center                    7770 Hascall St                    402-444-5140

Montclair Community Center and Pool      2304 S 135th Ave                402-444-4956

Mockingbird Hills Community Center         10242 Mockingbird Dr    402-444-6103